Alkaline Batteries

Hearing Aid batteries from Duracell, Rayovac, Powerone, Sony, Renata, and ZeniPower, the leading manufacturers of hearing aid batteries. All batteries are built with the highest quality cells and meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications. All hearing aid batteries are carded and color coded by size no matter which brand you select. Size 10 is yellow, size 13 is orange, size 312 is light brown and 675 least common is blue.

We know that by offering all major manufactures of hearing aid batteries and the most common sizes that we got the market covered. We understand that hearing aid users everywhere have there preference when it comes to brand names so offering popular brand name batteries in various lot sizes gives you no reason to shop elsewhere. We also know that geting you your batteries in a timely fashion is the utmost importance because a day with hearing aid batteries is a day without sound.

We have dedicated pages of information on every brand we offer in order to better assist you make the right decision. Be sure to read our pages on Duracell, Rayovac, Powerone, Sony, Renata, and ZeniPower hearing aid batteries. These are the big brand names in the business. Keep in mind all sizes are color coded in order to be easily recognisable.

The most popular size is 312 however we carry 10, 13 and 675 as well. We want to thank you in advance for visiting our website and be sure to view some of the popular videos we obtained through youtube which may peek your interest.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the right hearing aid batteries for you we encourage you to call us toll free or send us an email. We take great pleasure in servicing your hearinng aid battery needs.